Graveyard Shift on Kickstarter

Until the Kickstarter closes!

What’s in the BOX?

Graveyard Shift Box contents! There’s 3.5 days before the Kickstarter launches, so let’s show off what comes in the game box! Wait, can the…Read More

What did I just read? – Slip Runner

So I just finished Slip Runner by J. N. Chaney and M. F. Lerma. And entertaining story set in the far flung future about…Read More

Gamer Tested, Kickstarter APPROVED!

Graveyard Shift’s Kickstarter campaign has been APPROVED! We will be launching Jan 22nd (Matt’s B-day) The pre-launch notification list is important, KS pays attention…Read More

And We’re live!

I’ve pushed the button and the site has been launched. This is… Weird for me, as I’m normally building web sites by hand, but…Read More

What did I just read? – Hammered

So, goal for the new year is to keep reading. Not hard for me to do, its my primary downtime activity, but also to…Read More

Kickstarter Issues

Okay, so I started setting up the Kickstarter stuff for Graveyard Shift. Uh. Well, I’m stuck on that until next year it seems. So,…Read More

Getting there

I have made a couple of updates to the site, adding a projects page and fleshing things out. I have a number of other…Read More

Graveyard Shift is back on track!

Okay, so 4 years have gone by since I had started getting Graveyard Shift moving from beta testing to finished product. We had the…Read More