The Death of Twitter has caused… Issues.

Okay, so. Couple of things. I’ve been super busy. Both at the day-job work, and behind the scenes.

First, for those of you who missed it, or never cared. Twitter is dead, and well, it’s dead Jim. Just dead. Stop kicking it, can’t you see it’s already dead?

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This is a problem for me because Twitter (I am never going to call it X) was my only social media. And because of that, the death spiral that happened is going to put a BIG crimp on my outreach for doing another Graveyard Shift crowdfund.

I’m re-evaluating my options, but I DO have options.

Second, I’ve been working on a re-write of Clickthulu, slimming it down, making it modern, moving it to the Symfony framework, and turning the whole thing Open Source.

I’ll call it ClickthuluFed. The ultimate goal is to get it to federate with the AnyPub protocol and let comics get discoverable again. Big goal, not sure when THAT’s gonna get done.

So yeah, if anyone wants to find me, I can be found now on Mastodon under (Yes, I am the nerd that’s going to that weird server)