Well, so much for that…

At some point in the past I must have said something like “I really should update this more often”.

And well, we can see the consequences of my words. 🙂

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So the last 9 months have been incredibly busy for me in the sense that my day job has been monopolizing all of my brain power for pretty much 8 days per week. Long story short, the big infrastructure change that we’d been preparing for since 2019 has been released, with a number of significant structural changes at the 11th hour. By the end of it I was averaging a 12 hour day, and one Wednesday was 43 hours straight.

Yeah, I’m no longer in my 20’s, those all-nighters are rough when you’re approaching the 5th decade as fast as I am. However, that was released 2 weeks ago, with minimal problems, so I’m calling a win.

So what am I doing now that I’ve reclaimed my brain from my employer?

I’m getting back into a few projects, notably some of the Table top game projects, back working on ClickthuluFed and doing some other things. Oh, and I’ve been doing some Tiki inspired geek shirt designs.